Thanks to its natural conditions, Montsec is located under the best sky in Catalonia and one of the best skies in the world: low rainfall, a high percentage of cloudless nights, good image stability and especially its low light pollution. These are the reasons why the Parc Astronòmic Montsec (PAM) was built here.

The MONTSEC area has been recognised and certified as a Starlight Tourist Destination and Reserve by the UNESCO M&B Program. This distinction certifies it as one of the best skies in the world for astronomical observation and tourist activities based on this resource (scientific, natural, cultural and scenic values).

Southern Montse

Northern Montsec


The Parc Astronòmic Montsec's (PAM) main characteristic, which gives it its innovative and singular nature, is the link it establishes between the three areas of its activity: study-research, education-training and information-tourism.

The Parc Astronòmic Montsec (PAM) consists of the Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec (OadM) –scientific and research area– and the Centre d'Observació de l'Univers (COU) –training-educational area and informative-tourist area.​

The Centre d'Observació de l'Univers (COU) brings visitors closer to astronomy and Montsec’s natural environment. Therefore, it establishes a link between tourism and science. COU consists of the Exposició Permanent, a permanent exhibition on astronomy and Montsec's natural environment; the planetarium called Ull del Montsec, which is the only Open 3D planetarium worldwide; and the Parc de Telescopis, which has three observatories –one of them is an observatory-room– and several portable telescopes. COU offers guided night and day tours.

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