Southern Montsec

Northern Montsec


Caiac a Canelles
Caiac a Canelles
La Transsegre
La Transsegre
El Montsec des de el Montroig
El Montsec des de el Montroig
Campionat d'ala delta
Campionat d'ala delta

Mont-rebei gorge[E1] 

Montsec offers a wide range of sky, land and water active tourism activities which are carried out in natural surroundings and under a Starlight sky.​


Both the Àger valley and the Meià valley are considered one of the best free flight areas worldwide. The Àger valley hosts paragliding and hang gliding world, Spanish and Catalan championships during the year. Free flight lovers can enjoy paragliding, hang gliding, hot-air ballooning, ultralight flying, paramotoring and paratrike flying.


Montsec invites you to go hiking along the amazing Mont-rebei gorge, the Mu gorge, the signposted paths in the Àger valley, in Vilanova de Meià, in Les Avellanes i Santa Linya, in Camarasa, etc.

Montsec's vertical walls are famous unique places for rock climbing. Some examples are Sant Llorenç de Montgai, the Terradets gorge, Vilanova de Meià, Santa Linya, Àger, Os de Balaguer, Camarasa, Cubells, Alòs de Balaguer, etc.

Caving is also practiced in caves such as Forat de l’Or in Llimiana, Cova dels Muricecs in Cellers, Cova del Tabac in Camarasa and Cova Negra in Os de Balaguer.


Camarasa, Canelles, Cellers, Sant Llorenç de Montgai, Santa Anna and Rialb reservoirs form the largest flat water area in Catalonia where you can ride a motorboat, go canoeing and windsurf, practice ski-bus and so on. You can try out rafting and minirafting in the river Segre, where the water is wilder, and you can go canyoning in the river Rialb.

Areas with a rich and varied flora and fauna, such as Sant Llorenç de Montgai nature reserve and the confluence between the rivers Segre and Noguera Pallaresa, can be found among the green forested landscape and the blue water.

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A mountain bike trip around Montsec and Noguera

Centre BTT Montsec-la Noguera, which is incorporated into the Catalan MTB network

It is a free access area intended for mountain bikers. It has 490 km of perfectly signposted paths which go through three municipalities (Àger, Les Avellanes i Santa Linya and Os de Balaguer). The routes start at two reception points which offer several services: information, rental, cleaning, bicycle racks and so on.

The MTB routes go through unspoilt natural sites. Some of these routes go around the reservoirs which form the largest flat water area in Catalonia. You can enjoy a varied landscape all year long and the rich heritage of the region.


What does the Centre BTT Montsec-la Noguera offer?

- 19 routes (4 very easy, 4 easy, 6 difficult and 5 very difficult), 4 variations and 3 junctions.

- 490 km of trails going around reservoirs, gorges, heritage and high mountain areas with astonishing views.

- 2 reception points (Les Avellanes Monastery and Càmping Vall d'Àger) and 3 information points.

- 5 starting points: Les Avellanes Monastery, Tartareu, Os de Balaguer, Fontdepou and Càmping Vall d'Àger.


Information about the reception points:

Càmping Vall d'Àger

Ctra. de Balaguer, s/n

25691 Àger

Tel. +34 973 455 200


Les Avellanes Monastery

(C-12, km 181)

25610 Os de Balaguer 

Tel. +34 973 438 006

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