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Montsec is a place where nature and history are indissociable. It is also a place where every single historic moment has left its mark. Tracing those who formerly inhabited these lands is part of the journey through memory you can experience in Montsec.​

It is very easy to verify at Museu d’Isona i la Conca Dellà that Montsec was inhabited by dinosaurs more than 165 million years ago.​

There are several remains from different prehistoric times in the Montsec area. Some examples are cave paintings –the most important ones being those in Cova dels Vilars (Os de Balaguer) and Cova del Parco (Alòs de Balaguer)– and dolmens such as the one in Sòls de Riu (Baronia de Rialb) and the one in Lloella del Llop (Vilanova de Meià).

We recommend you to visit Seró Espai Transmissor (Artesa de Segre), the Centre d'Interpretació de l'Or del Segre (Balaguer),  the Roca dels Bous – Espai Orígens (Sant Llorenç-Camarasa) and the Museu de la Noguera (Balaguer) to understand these times.​

The fact of having been the vanguard of old Catalonia, border land and an important part of the Urgell County, left its mark on villages, castles, churches and monasteries. The best examples are the Mur castle's architectonic complex, Sant Pere Collegiate Church (Ponts), Les Avellanes Monastery (Os de Balaguer), Montsonís Castle (Foradada), Llordà Castle (Isona) and Sant Pere Collegiate Church (Àger).

Old customs and traditions meet in Montsec, such as the Ranxo in Ponts, the Bell-ringer's Meeting in Os de Balaguer, Boletus - Isona Mushroom Fair, etc. Some peculiar festivities are Medieval Balaguer, Transsegre in Balaguer and Camarasa, Magic Montgai...


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